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Models / Texas Patti

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Gangbang Ranch
Texas Patti
Available to Members on 07/19/2024

There's a ranch nearby that's getting really hot. I've heard about it so many times, but didn't know how to get there. Now the time had finally come and a friend who had an invitation took me with him. I was really excited - I had already heard so many things.Last week we finally went there. On a mountain,...

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Cleaning Lady Fucked
Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I knock on this young man's door and pretend to be a cleaning lady. His parents are just down by the pool and he is still in bed. I step in and start cleaning up a little while he texts me. I don't know how he figured out my plan so quickly, but he knew immediately that I wasn't the cleaning lady at...

Tags: cougar Maid MILF Older Woman
My Annual Review - My Highlights - 2020
Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

The past year (2020) wasn't easy for any of us and we all hope that 2021 will be better again. But, it wasn't all bad last year. Luckily, I personally had a some fun highlights, a few of which I would like to show you here. Of course there were more, but then the film would have been a bit long. I hope...

Tags: Adult Star MILF Blow Job Brunette Creampie
The (Fake) Interview
Texas Patti , Will Pounder
Available to Members Now

Bareback fucked by reporter I was invited to an interview about my life as a German in the USA. Even before I started, I could tell that the reporter was keen on me and I asked myself whether this was really supposed to be an interview. When he asked me the first questions, I wanted to see how far...

Tags: BG Brunette MILF Porn
TPUSA/21-28The Interview Will Pounder
Lesbian Sex Games - Seducing my Stepdaughter
Eliza Eves , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

While cleaning up my stepdaughter's room, her notebook was lying there. Curious as I am, I took a look to see what she was up to. I flipped it open and a piece of porn that she had last watched opened directly. It was a lesbian flick, and not just any one, it was about sex with the stepmother. Is she...

Tags: Blonde Brunette Cunnilingus Pussy Eating GG
Famous Orgies #1
Chris Cock , Eric John
Available to Members Now

Welcome to Famous Orgies first production. Real people having a real orgy! Enjoy a multi-view, multi-camera view of non-stop sex with 4 hot ladies and 6 horny guys.

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Stepson Wants to Avoid Work
Patrick , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

Today the plan was to clean up the garage. When I was about to get my stepson out of his room, he was lying naked on the bed and complaining that his back was painful. Boy, can I fool myself! When he didn't get up, I just massaged his back and before I knew it, his cock was already standing, he made...

Tags: Brunette Creampie MILF squirting
TPUSA/21-15 Stepson Squirt and Creampie
Stepson Nibbled in the Bathroom
Patrick , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

My old man wasn't home, and my stepson was in the bathroom. I went to him with a plan - naked, of course. Otherwise he had always received me like that, but this time I wanted to turn the tables. Of course he had to play jokes with me again first (he hung a towel on my nipples and did the "sagging tits...

Tags: bathroom Brunette MILF stepmom
My Ass Is Made For Sex
Steve Holmes , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I was really up for a hot cock in my ass again ... So I called good old Steve and asked him if he could help me with that. A short time later I sat on his couch and presented him the object of his desire. After he had worked on the ass hole with his tongue and his fingers, he finally put his hard cock...

Tags: Anal Big Dick Brunette MILF
TPUSA/21-13 My Ass is Made For Sex
How I Became a Whore for Pizza
Texas Patti , Will Pounder
Available to Members Now

I was really in the mood for pizza, so I ordered one. When the pizza delivery guy finally arrived and I wanted to pay, he couldn't make any change. What now? The pizza definitely stays here. So I make him an offer ... I get it for free and you can fuck me nicely for it. You have no rubber? Then just...

Tags: barter BG Big Dick Brunette
TPUSA/21-11 Pizza delivery
The Woman Firefighter
Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

There's a fire ... A call for help ... As a passionate fire brigade woman, I am of course immediately on the spot and put out the fire - in my very own way.

Tags: Adult Star Anal Brunette MILF
Cleaning Lady Fucked
Patrick , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I knock on this guy's door and pretend to be a cleaning lady. His parents are just down by the pool and he is still in bed. I step in and start cleaning up a little while he texts me. I don't know how he figured out my plan so quickly, but he knew immediately that I wasn't the cleaning lady at all and...

Tags: BG Brunette Maid MILF
Fucked the Wrong Guy
Johnny Goodluck , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

OMG! I Fucked the wrong dude! I still had a tab open with a certain Bar, but unfortunately I couldn't pay it at the moment. So I went to a bar that he should always be in. Once there, a guy was playing pool. I told him about my little problem and offered to show me "grateful" for his patience. He didn't...

Tags: Adult Star MILF BG Billiards Burnette
TPUSA/21-8Wrong guy
Fuck Me without a Condom
Alex Jett , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

Anny organized a new roommate. In any case, the guy is constantly staring into my neckline or even under my skirt when I bend down. Well ... I'd be up for such a hot cock again, so I just go to my room and see if he just wants to look or touch it. When I made it clear to him what I wanted from him, it...

Tags: Blow Job Brunette Cum Shot Older Woman
Blowjob Battle
Alan Conda , Patrick
Available to Members Now

Which MILF gets the cream out faster? Sofie Marie recently claimed she was the blowjob queen ... Please what ??? That’s clearly me. I get the cum out faster than the cock can even get hard. So I challenged them. 2 men volunteered and then let the games begin. I'll show them. I'm not going to reveal...

Tags: Adult Star MILF Blow Job Brunette Cum in Mouth
NEXT The magic remote control
Patrick , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I'm sitting on the couch, chilling comfortably with my cell phone, when he suddenly comes towards me with the remote control... He pressed the button and I'm suddenly only wearing my underwear. What was that??? He pushed again - I'm naked. What is going on here? He pressed - suddenly I´m playing with...

Tags: Adult Star BG Blow Job Cum Shot
Double MILF Power
Cherie DeVille , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I haven't seen my stepsister in the US in ages. When they made sure that I was nearby, they asked directly whether I could come over and help with their stepson. He was lazy and totally naughty to her. I also brought up my own stepson quite well. When I went to her for advice, I immediately got rid...

Tags: adult model Adult Star compelled masturbation Fisting
The Trainee
Patrick , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I would like to calmly explain the new program to the trainee on the computer. But I quickly notice that his thoughts are completely different. He's constantly staring at my tits and even trying to play with them. Somehow his funny manner and his persistence turns me on a little. When he suddenly stood...

Tags: Anal BG Brunette Free Use
Lesbian Games with Oil
Anny Aurora , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

Here I have another video where I show you what Anny and I do, in our flat share in Los Angeles, when we are bored. Of course, we would prefer a horny cock or two, but you can't always have everything. So we made ourselves comfortable on the bed and smeared each other with oil. Nice on the asses, so...

Tags: Blonde Brunette Cunnilingus Pussy Eating Lesbian
Real Swingers Pro Foursome Texas Patti
Patrick , Sofie Marie
Available to Members Now

Texas Patti and Patrick joined Sofie Marie and Spike Irons for a group sex, couple's swap, swinger sex party! Let the swap begin! After some 69, Sofie and Patrick get busy. Sofie's tight pussy squeezes the cum out of Patrick, and Sofie sits on Texas Patti's face so she can taste his cum out of Sofie's...

Tags: Adult Star MILF Cream Pie Facial foursome
Anny takes a Shower with Texas Patti
Anny Aurora , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

As you could see here last week, my young roommate Anny and I have decided to have a bit of fun together from now on and film ourselves for you... Here is also the next hot strip, in which we go to take a shower together. What do you wish we could do next?

Tags: Adult Star blonde bombshell Brunette Girl Girl
Wedding Day in the Ass
John Strong , Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

Actually my husband wanted to fuck my ass all night for our 14th anniversary. Instead, he had to stay in the office again. I was totally disappointed when a super horny guy spoke to me in the underground car park. Plans are there to be changed, so I decided without further ado to drag the horny American...

Tags: Adult Star Anal Ass ass eating
TPUSA/2020-15Wedding-Day BG-Anal
Fix My Dick!
Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

I was sitting in front of my cam and looking forward to having a lot of fun with my users when my husband suddenly bursts into my room naked and tells me that his cock is broken. He would have woken up and had no morning boner. He wanted me to take care of it right now. Nothing better than that. Then...

Tags: 1 on 1 Adult Star Adult Star MILF BBBBG
Outdoor Water Sport by the Car
Texas Patti
Available to Members Now

The fiercest stream of my life. After a great shoot, where I had quite a lot of water, I was on my way to the next appointment and had to pee so badly. In the US, however, it is not allowed to pee in public. All the same... I just had to. So pull over to the right and let it run. Wow... What's that???...

Tags: Adult Star Brunette Outside Pee